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What Is COS?

Celebrate our similarities

To promote sustainable development* for the benefit of the public by: activities which promote a culture of peace, justice and strong institutions, for the benefit of human well-being, in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 16 and the European Parliament’s Declaration ‘Pledge for Peace’.


a. Encourage

Institutions, Businesses, Organisations, Groups and entities to create a culture of peace, sign the ‘Pledge to Peace’ Declaration and support the grassroots project CoS through collaboration, support and sponsorship.

c. Support

grassroots projects to develop Good Practice examples for sharing widely, which help to address and enhance well-being in its many forms helping in reducing pressures on the public purse today and into the future

e. Strive

Strive to be inclusive in providing a platform whilst seeking to avoid bias arising from politics, religion, culture, lifestyle or commercial interests and respecting all.

b. Explore

areas of human priorities such as Air, Climate Change, Food, Mental Health, Personal Peace, Water and Well-Being through regular forums, social media, dissemination of information, research, education, symposia and fairs.

d. Engage

with and be supported by experts and like-minded individuals.

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